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Flavored Tea Powder

For a burst of fruity goodness, our Berry Hibiscus Tea Powder offers a vibrant mix of hibiscus petals and assorted berries in a tangy and antioxidant-rich infusion. Prioritize well-being with our Lemon Ginger Turmeric Tea Powder, combining the zesty kick of lemon and ginger with the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric. Each tea powder is thoughtfully curated to bring you a unique and delightful journey in every cup, inviting you to savor the artistry of flavor in every sip.

Green Tea

Sealed to maintain its freshness, our Green Tea invites you to enjoy the pure and authentic taste of nature in every cup. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with the refreshing and healthful qualities of our premium Green Tea—a beverage that captures the simple yet profound pleasure of tea.

Ice Tea Powder

Packaged to preserve its freshness, our Ice Tea Powder invites you to embrace the simplicity of making your favorite iced tea. Elevate your chilled tea moments with the convenience and deliciousness of our premium Ice Tea Powder—a beverage that transforms ordinary days into cool, flavorful escapes.

Kolukkumalai Tea Powder

Packaged to seal in the freshness, our Kolukkumalai Tea Powder allows you to savor the distinctive taste of this high-altitude tea estate in every cup. Elevate your tea rituals with the bold and authentic flavor of our premium Kolukkumalai Tea Powder—a tea that transports you to the misty hills and lush landscapes of Kolukkumalai.

Talayar Tea Powder

Packaged to seal in its freshness, our Talayar Tea Powder invites you to savor the unique taste of this esteemed tea estate in every sip. Elevate your tea rituals with the refined and authentic flavor of our premium Talayar Tea Powder—a tea that captures the natural beauty and exquisite tea culture of Talayar.

White Tea

Packaged to preserve its pristine qualities, our White Tea invites you to indulge in the pure and authentic essence of this exceptional tea. Elevate your tea rituals with the subtle and refined flavor of our premium White Tea—a tea that captures the essence of tranquility and sophistication